Washington State Department of Health's Immunization Program came to the design team armed with loads of data to present at a conference poster session. The information was strategically rearranged so viewers could get the big hits of information quickly in the center panel. If viewers were interested in getting more into the weeds of the details, the side panels provide more in-depth information.
Project features
The poster was featured in WSPHA's 2018–19 Conference promotional materials, including the website's front page, the Conference information page, and the email call for abstracts.
The University of Washington's School of Public Health – Northwest Center for Public Health Practice hosts a "Hot Topics in Practice" monthly webinar discussing issues currently affecting public health practice. 
The November 2019 webinar on "Visually Communicating Public Health Data" reviewed strategies and inspiration for using data to tell compelling public health stories. This project was featured during this webinar in my interview on the data visualization process.
This project was also featured in a presentation to students enrolled in the University of Washington's Master of Public Health in Community-Oriented Public Health Practice (COPHP) program to show students how they can use design principles to present public health information on scientific posters in an effective way. The presentation highlighted how easy it was to understand the poster and relevant information due to its intentional design, and how the accompanying handout was important as a takeaway for people wanting to continue to digest the information. 
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